Design & Project Management

Pascal Commercial Interiors has always operated with interior design as a base. Experience spanning 25 years yet still with an understanding of current trends, culture and aesthetics.

Our Process

Brief – The design process begins with brief development, a collection of information to determine the project objectives. This involves discussions with key stakeholders.

Test planning and space analysis – Involves a preliminary calculation of the required area and how it relates to the given floor plate. This stage can be helpful in quickly identifying the suitability of a prospective tenancy.

Base Concept – Sketch plans are produced to establish a base floor layout as a foundation to develop to the build stage. Apply the fundamental planning for work flow and statutory requirements such as disabled access. 3D visualisation in photorealistic format is sometimes needed to convey the full design vision.

Design Development – Factors such as budget restraints, supplier / contractors requirements, programs and statutory parameters are considered to progress the project to the next phase.

Documentation – During the documentation phase CAD drawings, specifications of the various principals which may include:

  • Partitioning Drawings
  • Services drawings (Electrical, Fire, Hydraulics and Mechanical)
  • Furniture and Joinery drawings
  • Graphic Design elements
  • General Specifications

Project Management – Once the relevant approvals both statutory and landlord approval are in place the project enters the build stage. It is when contractors are on site building the designed works. At this stage we visit the site daily ensuring that every step of the built works is being done in accordance to the design objective and maintaining the required standard to realise the end result. The role of the project manager is also to keep the project on track ensuring the project time line is being met. This stage also ensures that the site is being maintained for safety. Status update reports are produced keeping the client informed throughout the build process. Any change requests or scope variations are monitored and communicated to all stakeholders promptly. A final inspection is carried prior to handover to identify any defects. Once we are satisfied that the design intent has been met to our standard a final handover inspection is done with our client. As built drawings along with certificate of final inspection is delivered to all relevant stakeholders.

The integration of brief, design documentation and implementation is seamless.

We encourage all clients to contact us approximately 3 to 4 months prior to any relocate and or refurbishment. This timeline provides adequate notice to analyse your needs and begin preparing your new workspace environment. However if the situation of an urgent nature presents itself and time is limited we are able to draw on resources and if possible will accelerate the process. We will be open and realistic and will only commit to the project if we are confident of a delivery within the tight time frame.

Office Partitions & Office Renovation

Pascal Commercial Interiors in addition to providing Design, Head Contract, and